Sailing Adventures

In addition to our 90 minute and 3 our sails we offer the following:

Early evening wine and cheese sail - 8 pm - 10 pm

Enjoy the glow of the setting sun, the tranquillity of the North Channel and the view of Little Current from the water on our “Early Evening Wine & Cheese Sail”.

Starlight Wine and Cheese sail - 10 pm - 12 pm

Watch the stars appear and the glow of the town come alive on our "Starlight Wine and Cheese Sail".

Spend a night on the water

Try a sailboat for your overnight accomodation. After your starlight cruise settle down for the night at anchor in a secluded bay

The sleeping accomodations in the boat are cosy but comfortable. Enjoy the experience

What to bring for your evening sail

We recommend you bring a cap, windbreaker, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen. Life jackets and PFD are provided. Please bring soft tread footwear only, no hard soles.

Wine is not included on our North Channel Sailing Wine and Cheese Tour.  “BYOB”  (Bring Your Own).  We are not licensed to serve you wine. You may serve yourself once the anchor is down.

This cruise includes an assortment of the best cheeses, crisps andolives. We includes all necessary accessories such as goblets and utensils. At your request, we will post the cheeses that we have chosen for your experience on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Choose your wine accordingly and we take care of the rest.

About our points of interest

Meldrum Bay Meldrum Bay was settled in the late 1800's and developed as a logging and fishing community. At one time, it was home to a good-sized Great Lakes fishing fleet. Until the early 1960's, the village was connected to the mainland by ferries.

Killarney The village of Killarney Ontario is one of the many gems along the North Channel of Georgian Bay. The first settler was Etienne de la Morandiere, a fur trader who served with the British in the War of 1812. His original trading post on Drummond Island was destroyed by fire and in 1820 he relocated to what is now Killarney Ontario and build a successful trading post. This makes Killarney one of the oldest communities in northern Ontario. Commercial fishing has always been an important part of the local economy and that continues to this day with a successful fishing company based in the village. Killarney was only connected to the Ontario highway system in 1962. The village however has never lost its focus on its natural water route and there are many services available to a cruising sailor. Killarney Ontario is adjacent to Killarney Provincial Park - one of the finest Provincial Parks in Ontario. Killarny Ontario is located on Killarney Channel, a narrow, 1.25 nm channel between the mainland and George Island. This is a navigable channel and follows the rules for buoyage. Anchoring is possible at the east end of the channel. There is a cove on the west side of Northeast Point. There is also a small cove just east of Bayfield Bluff. Both of these are on the shoreline of George Island.

Gore Bay This is one of the busiest ports on the North Channel. It is well-situated for easy runs from Killarney to DeTour Village. Settled in the late 1800's, Gore Bay today has a population of about 1,000. Its maritime links are strong and it has successfully made the transition from reliance on sailing cargo ships and steamers to the recreational boats of today.

The village lies at the base of a deep 'V' shaped notch in the north coastline of Manitoulin Island. It is a protected harbour bounded by high bluffs on either side. There is a lighthouse (Oc WHITE visible 5.8 nm) on the northwest boats of the bay leading to Gore Bay. The entrance to the harbour is clear from all directions and straightforward.

Kagawong Kagawong is a village on the Manitoulin shore of the North Channel. The village is situated at the head of Mudge Bay, directly south of Clapperton Island. It is a picturesque small northern Ontario village, offering basic amenities for a visiting sailor. It takes its name from the Ojibwe language meaning "where mists rise from falling waters" - a direct reference to nearby Bridal Veil Falls.

The Anishinaabe people were the original inhabitants of Manitoulin Island. However, in what became known as the Beaver Wars, the Iroquois drove the Annishinaabe from the island in the first half of the 1600's. The island remained uninhabited for the next 150 years.

Following the War of 1812, the Anisinaabe returned and by the 1860's, the British government had begum to open the island to settlement. Kagawong is a pretty, off-the-beaten-path harbour to visit and enjoy.

The approach to Kagawong is clear and straightforward. Mudge Bay has a wide opening, running directly south from Clapperton Channel. Note the charted McInnes Shoal that lies right in the centre of the bay mouth. There is a Fl WHITE light on Gooseberry Island which lies on the east side of the entrance. to the bay. Kagawong lies right at the head of the bay. The marina is operated by the municipality. When you enter, there is an "L" shaped basin on your starboard. The commercial government dock will be on your portside. Tucked inside the "L" is the marina

Baie Fine ON Baie Fine is one of the largest freshwater fjords in the world. This tear in the earth's surface is about 9 nm long and offers breathtaking scenery as you cruise deeper into it. Bair Fine is bounded by high quartz mountains that gleam in the sunshine. There are numerous anchorages scattered along its length. There are anchorages which are quite popular and which can be busy. But, there are others that offer delightful solitude.

Inside the bay, there are a number of places where you can drop anchor. This is 'gunkholing' in the truest sense of the word - poking along a shoreline, seeking out hidden coves and anchorages, spending nights swinging on the anchor. (This was my introduction to sailing and I have never lost the delight in discovering what may lay around the next headland or up an inlet.)

Manitowaning DESCRIPTION In the 1830's, the government of of the colony of Upper Canada established a native settlement ay Manitowaning Ontario. Their goal was to induce local native peoples to abandon their traditional nomadic way of life and settle permanently in an agricultural community. By and large, the experiment failied. However, the community endured. Non-natine settlers moved in and Manitowaning became an important shipping port on northern Lake Huron. Today, Manitowaning is a quaint little village, off the beaten track - which makes it a perfect place for a cruising sailor to visit! Manitowaning lies at the head of Manitowaning Bay, a long, deep bay.

Benjamin Islands The Benjamin Islands are a small group of islands that lie towards the eastern end of the fabulous North Channel. The scenery is spectacular. Sculpted and carved by glaciers, wind and weather, these pink granite islands offer breathtaking views, still quiet nights, star studded skies and the shimmering northern lights. The harbour is formed by the two main islands - North and South Benjamin Islands. It is not isolated though. Most times, you will find a number of boats dotting Benjamin Harbour. But worry not, there is room for all in this picturesqe harbour.


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Some points of interest for a private sail

  • Meldrum Bay - 56 Nautical Miles west
  • Killarney - 19 NM E
  • Baie Fine - 20 NM E
  • Gore Bay - 26 NM W
  • Kagawong - 19 NM W
  • Tobermory - 58 NM SE
  • Collingwood - 120 NM SE
  • Mackinac City, MI - 40 NM W
  • Benjamin Islands - 17 NM W
  • Manitowaning 18 NM SE
  • Sheguianda 18 NM SE
  • South Baymouth 18 NM SE
  • M'Chigeeng 18 NM SE